Lightspeed Review & Alternatives (2021 Guide)

Lightspeed POS was founded in 2005 and was designed especially for retailers, but it launched its hospitality branch to cater to restaurants (Lightspeed Restaurant) in 2014. Today it still caters to these two industries, and it also has a product for golf courses.

The company was founded in Montreal and has since expanded significantly internationally, with offices throughout the world. It’s also one of the most commonly used POS systems for restaurants.

Pros of Lightspeed

  • High level of functionality within its simple user interface
  • Ease of alteration and basic use for staff
  • Production printing and cloud operation

Cons of Lightspeed

  • No online ordering platform with built-in driver tracking
  • Only runs on iPads
  • Requires back office hardware
  • Inability to test workflows


One special feature that Lightspeed has over other systems is its retail feature for restaurants (which makes sense, as Lightspeed began as a retail product). So, if your restaurant has a strong retail presence, such as selling a signature sauce or other products, you may be particularly interested in Lightspeed.

However, Lightspeed does lack some of the newest features that other restaurant POS systems have, such as a table reservation feature, a smart food locker system for contactless pickup, and delivery driver tracking.

What’s the best Lightspeed alternative?

As an alternative to Lightspeed, TrufflePOS is an industry-leading POS system, built for restaurants. If you’re looking to either launch your online ordering system or an end-to-end enterprise POS solution, Truffle is your go-to option.

Why Choose TrufflePOS Over Lightspeed
Online Ordering Platform with Built-in Driver Tracking
Driver Application
Enterprise Deployment (multi-location ready)
Built-in Marketing Engine with Email Campaign Management
Back Office Hardware Not Required
Smart-Food Locker System
Built-in 3rd Party Delivery Integrations
Online Table Reservations
Run on any system IOS, Android, Windows

Top 4 Reasons To Go With Truffle POS

Enterprise-level functionality with flexible pricing

Gain access to a full range of options with enterprise-level functionality that fits all budget types. Scale your restaurant from one location to thousands with Truffle POS – faster at innovation than any other legacy systems in the marketplace.

More than just a POS

Instead of using other POS systems that provide 10% of what we offer, you can gain access to our Restaurant Management System – Everything you need to run and scale your restaurant. From Marketing to customer engagement and rewards.

Future proof your restaurant

Make sure your restaurant stays at the top of the industry trends, with features such as Cloud Kitchen Management, Contactless Food Locker Pickup System, Restaurant Automation, Marketing Analytics. Working with TrufflePOS also means working for other social causes – We integrate with systems that allow you to offer unsold food as donations to those in need.

Cross-platform compatibility

IOS, Windows, Android

A core difference between us and the competition is our ability to run on any hardware platform, Windows, IOS & Android, so as technology changes we are always ready to deploy (hardware agnostic)

Restaurants Who Choose TrufflePOS Over Other Solutions

Rieley K.
Rieley K.
Owner, Cilantro & Chive
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"Truffle's support and services have been incredible. Quick turnarounds, attentive and patient support team, intuitive back end and ease of use puts this system far above our previous system."
Tammy A.
Tammy A.
GM, Yiannis Taverna
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"Before using TrufflePOS we were spending more time, money, and effort using multiple systems that did not talk to each other. This was the best investment we’ve made this year."
David O.
David O.
Mikado Restaurant
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"I would highly recommend Truffle POS to other Restaurateurs, They truly take a partnership approach and deliver the best service which allows us to deliver a unique customer experience."

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